The Meinau Stadium (Stade de la Meinau) is a football stadium located in Strasbourg, France. It serves as the home ground for Racing Club de Strasbourg Alsace, a French football club that competes in Ligue 1, the top tier of French football. The stadium is situated in the Meinau district of Strasbourg and has a seating capacity of approximately 26,280 spectators.
The Meinau Stadium is one of the oldest football stadiums in France and has a rich history in football. It was inaugurated in 1914 and has undergone several renovations over the years to meet modern standards. It is an iconic venue for Racing Club de Strasbourg supporters and has hosted many memorable matches.
Racing Club de Strasbourg has a passionate fan base, and home matches at the Meinau Stadium are often filled with energy and enthusiasm. The stadium is also used for other sporting and non-sporting events.

This project is a proposal to renovate the French Stadium, and upgrade it to 35,000 seats.
The Stadium will be surelevate with wood structure and allows more capacity for the big competition.
All the surelevation have been designed to allow the spectators to get a better vision of the game.
The wood structure will make this stadium the first one built with this material and will continue to put this building in the cutting edge of innovation.

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