SCHARLY DESIGNER STUDIO designed the renovation and preservation project of The Jewish Center of Brighton Beach, a historic Orthodox synagogue and community center in Brooklyn, NY that was drastically affected by flooding during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. 
Over the course of three years, SCHARLY DESIGNER STUDIO has worked in collaboration with SILMAN, a structural engineering company, to develop a new design with eco-friendly elements for the building's interior, sanctuary, and exterior design while maintaining its historical charm.

The interior design captures a Baroque Style with additional modern features to avoid greenhouse gas production and to establish a net zero building design. To improve lighting throughout the building, a green roof with a large glass skylight was designed in the ballroom, as well as other skylights over the main stairs and helicoidal stairs to bring maximum amounts of natural light into the 6 story building. 
For additional energy efficiency and eco-friendliness, the building will be powered by solar panels.

New drawings for the building design were created with Autodesk Solutions using REVIT and its building information modeling technology. 
For the renderings, softwares such as Unreal Engine TwinMotion and NVIDIA/PNY were utilized, as well as augmented and virtual reality presentations.

Through the use of cutting edge software, SCHARLY DESIGNER STUDIO has also come up with an innovative design program to organize a fundraising campaign effort to support the building's renovation.

Estimated Renovation Budget: $7.5M

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