As a Net Zero Building project in Chicago, this building is designed with the last technology to build in wood construction.
Foundation in concrete will allow the building to get 23 stories.
A timber skyscraper is a high-rise building made primarily of wood, rather than traditional materials like steel and concrete. These buildings are becoming increasingly popular as architects and builders seek more sustainable and environmentally friendly construction methods.
Advances in timber technology, such as engineered wood products and cross-laminated timber (CLT), have made it possible to construct taller and more stable buildings out of wood. Timber skyscrapers offer several benefits over traditional construction methods, including lower carbon emissions, faster construction times, and improved aesthetics.
Some examples of timber skyscrapers include the Mjøstårnet tower in Norway, which is currently the world's tallest wooden building at 85.4 meters (280 feet), and the 18-story Brock Commons Tallwood House at the University of British Columbia in Canada.

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