SCHARLY DESIGNER STUDIO® is an award-winning architectural design firm that has earned an extensive client list for their flexible and diverse range of work in Building Design for Adaptive Reuse, New Construction and Architectural Renovation, including engaging design for residential, commercial buildings, exhibitions, or cultural institutions. 
The studio is focusing on climate change, social innovation and inclusive design to develop neighborhoods through Architecture, Urban Design, Site Planning and complying with LEED certifications. .
SCHARLY DESIGNER STUDIO® brings contemporary design and innovation to its projects through the use of 3D Printing Technologies, and BIM 'Building Information Modeling', using Autodesk and PNY / NVIDIA solutions.
Architectural projects by the studio are designed with the latest collaborative technologies, and are 'ISV Certified' in digital architecture for more transparency with the client and better design and construction procedures.
We also understand the accountability creators must take on during the construction process in order to protect the environment from further toxicity, for this reason, the company has shown consistent focus on eco-friendliness and Montreal 2030 agreement since its start up in 2007.
SCHARLY DESIGNER STUDIO® was also labeled for its consistency as a 'Best for New York' company by the NYCEDC for its quality of design services and recognized as a 'Change Maker' for its social innovation, design research and sustainable discipline.
The studio is award-winner and was presented in a variety of exhibitions, including: the 2010 World’s Fair in Shanghai ‘Better City, Better Life,’ the 2016 Architectural Biennale of Venice ‘Nouvelles Richesses, MoMa Shanghaï, AIR Gallery in New York, or in Centre Pompidou + Palais de Tokyo in Paris.
"SCHARLY DESIGNER STUDIO® is one of the industries best. They provide great value to their clients and it's always been a pleasure working with them at a professional level. Flip through some of their finished projects and you'll instantly notice that they are innovators. Keep up the good work gang!"
- KBR New York

"As a professional, I worked with this company on remodeling a high-end store on Madison Avenue in New York. I really enjoyed working with this professional team. The main architect is very collaborative and friendly. The design was beautiful and in the end, the result was fabulous."
- Seyedmohsen Moghaddam

"I have worked closely with SCHARLY DESIGNER STUDIO® and I have nothing but great things to say. Complete efficiency and dedication to the projects have been my experience. It's been great working with you. I look forward to collaborating on future endeavors. Keep up the good work."
- Blacklines Design

"SCHARLY DESIGNER STUDIO® is unique, extremely capable architect 7 designer with great visionary solutions. Their creativity permits real product execution and functional space planning. Our joint project delivers minimalistic answer for public spaces and repositioning again seating triangle as focus and major interior piece. It is already recognized as leading interior concept.
- Alex Marc, President at ECLECTIC®
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